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It is hard to find an online school or reliable resource that will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a remote software developer without an upfront cost.

Microverse provides people interested in becoming software developers with an opportunity to learn remote software development without paying a cent until they find a life-changing job.

At Microverse, we’re changing the traditional online education model to a more effective one - using our unique approach of pair programming and real-time collaboration.

In this article, we will explore the key differentiators that set us apart from other online coding schools and bootcamps.

Let's dive in.

What Sets Microverse Apart?

Several factors set Microverse apart from other online learning platforms. These include:

No Classrooms or Teachers

The standard educational system worldwide is a top-down approach that emphasizes memorization and repetition to gain knowledge. Critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration are often overlooked or neglected.

At Microverse, we take a different approach to teaching our curriculum. Instead of classrooms, teachers, and traditional teaching methods, we have an immersive atmosphere. The immersive learning environment gives you constant support from other students as you learn coding through real-life projects and collaborations.

We use a learning system based on peers rather than instructors to scale the needs of high-quality education. Student peer groups help hold classmates accountable, help each other and create an experience that makes students want to learn more every day.

Microverse students spend almost the entire day collaborating as if they are working together to build a software application or website on their own company's payroll. This helps them be an all-round software developer and prepares them for the future realities of a work environment.

Completely Remote Learning Environment

Many organizations have realized that there is an incredible talent pool available if they adopt working remotely. Remote work opens the door for a diversity of people and skills from all over the world, including those across different time zones and countries. As a result, companies worldwide, tech giants inclusive, are choosing to transition permanently to  remote work.

At Microverse, we understand that students will be working on diverse and remote teams after the program. That’s why we use 100% remote education and student interactions to prepare students for global teams.

Microverse's remote learning environment allows students to form connections with people from all over the globe. This results in a diverse and inclusive community that prepares students for working remotely once they complete the program.

Learning and collaborating in a remote team is not only an exciting experience. It also provides equal access to everyone interested in becoming a software developer, regardless of who they are or their geographical location.

Zero Upfront Tuition

There is a gap in the educational system. Many people are unable to access education due to financial barriers. Due to this, it’s more challenging for them to become global collaborators and help solve 21st-century problems.

To combat this problem and give everyone equal opportunities, Microverse takes a different approach to tuition. Students join Microverse and become remote software developers without paying any tuition until they land a job – eroding the financial barrier to education.

Instead, we offer students an Income Share Agreement (ISA). With the ISA, students can focus entirely on the program and not worry about tuition until they land a job in software development after the program. After landing a job, they start paying 15% of their income once they’re making more than $1000 USD per month, until all of the tuition is paid.

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With the ISA, Microverse not only invests in making students skilled software developers, but also provides them with all the tools and resources needed to ensure they land a job as soon as possible.

Intense Learning

At Microverse, we use an intense curriculum that constantly pushes students out of their comfort zones. Microverse is a deadline-driven environment with students spending about 8-10 hours every day of the week working through complex materials to make them stellar software developers.

We are able to achieve this through the core pillars of our learning approach – collaborative learning, mastery learning, and project-based learning.

Collaborative learning is a learning system based on peers - rather than instructors. At Microverse, students help hold each other accountable and create an experience that makes everyone want to learn every day.

We also use the concept of mastery learning to ensure that students have mastered a topic before moving on. This means students should be at an equal level for each subject they learn in our curriculum.

Finally, project-based learning gives students a practical understanding of how the concepts they learn apply to what they will be working on in their future careers. When students work on projects and figure out how ideas fit into real-world situations, they learn far more than simply memorizing information without any context or relevance.

Focus on Technical and Professional Skills

At Microverse, we believe that the most important skills to learn in today's technology-driven world are not just technical but also professional and soft skills. As a result, we help students not just build their technical skills but also their professional and soft skills as well.

We are committed to helping students achieve professional success alongside gaining technical proficiency. Career coaches at Microverse help students with everything from resume building and interview preparation to salary negotiation and decision-making for their careers, even after they land their first job.

Furthermore, the student success team at Microverse is an invaluable layer of support for our students. They work with students through issues ranging from finance and motivation to mental health. There's nothing quite like human interaction to get students through challenging periods, students can reach out to the students success team anytime they need help via emails and trust that they will get a response.

We work hard on our mission because the end goal is not only that all our students become software developers, rather that they land amazing jobs and lead happy, fulfilling lives.

To wrap it all up, Microverse provides an interactive, challenging, collaborative, and unique environment where students learn through our intense curriculum, while getting the support they need. Through Microverse, students truly build their technical skills and master professional skills that prepare them for the realities of global remote teams.

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