Our Mission

Closing the global gap between talent and opportunity by training and connecting 1 million people to
remote jobs by 2030.

The Microverse Team

What Makes Microverse Different?

At Microverse, students learn through a very unique approach — by pair programming and collaborating with other students in real time, just as they would with colleagues of a distributed team in a real company.

Students learn multiple programming languages and Computer Science fundamentals, through working on real projects with other students around the world.

This innovative approach not only provides students with an accountability partner and large, global network of support, but also helps them learn remote workflows and acquire the collaboration and communication skills necessary to join a global company.

Once students are done with the curriculum, we help them improve their portfolio, resume and online presence, and get ready for job interviews. Then, we help them find and apply to competitive jobs worldwide and negotiate job offers.

Ariel Camus

The Founder’s Story

I grew up in Argentina, went to school in Europe, built a business in San Francisco, taught in Africa, and lived in Asia for a year. In my life's journey, I’ve seen that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not.

Nowadays, the Internet makes it possible for anyone to connect with global jobs regardless of where they were born or live. However, paying for a great education is incredibly difficult for most people.

I started Microverse to change that—to help people from all around the world learn software development at no upfront cost and to connect them with global jobs no matter their location, gender, or background.

Ariel Camus
Microverse Founder & CEO

Who is behind Microverse?

With a fully remote and global team, we have team members across 12+ countries, who come together to make an impact through education. Get to know the global team making Microverse possible.

Ariel Headshot
Ariel Camus
Founder + CEO
Ariel has lived and worked in 7 different countries including Spain, Argentina, USA, and Vietnam and has been coding since he was 12. He previously founded Tourist Eye, a travel app with 1MM+ users acquired by Lonely Planet. He is famous for his bad jokes and Argentinian asados.
Andrea Funda
STUDENt Success
As an avid traveler, Andrea believes no road trip is successful without getting lost at least once. Professionally though, she loves helping people find their way. Her background is in process, project, and people management. Outside of work, she can usually be found playing board games, hiking, or mastering new recipes.
anne-lore headshot
Anne-Lore De Vreese
Student success
Anne-Lore is originally from Belgium and has lived in 5 countries in North America, Asia, and Europe. Her background is in tech recruitment and her passion lies in getting more underrepresented communities in the tech world. Outside of work you’ll often find her cooking new dishes or spending time in nature.
Autum Huffman
Career services
Autumn is a reformed academic with a passion for democratizing education and helping students meet their potential. Prior to Microverse, she was a college instructor, education researcher, college & career coach, and helped bootstrap a Florida non-profit education program. In her spare time Autumn loves hiking, amateur photography, and having dance parties with her 4 year old.
Bee Quesada
Student Success
Based in the heart of Central America, Bee is a language-loving nerd with a deep passion for education and a service mindset. Her background is in customer experience, people management, and learning & development. In her free time, Bee can be found reading post-apocalyptic literature and thrifting for vintage 90s fashion.
crystal headshot
Crystal Onyeari Mbanefo
Career services
Crystal has had an amazing yet challenging journey of transitioning from careers within, and outside of the IT industry. Today, she's dedicated to helping others make career transition through her role as a Career Coach at Microverse.
Emilia Headshot
Emilia Andrzejewska
Curriculum & Learning
Emilia is a web developer by profession and a teacher at heart. She has 7 years of professional coding experience, mostly in C# and Ruby, and has served as a mentor on various bootcamps and Rails Girls communities. She has also spearheaded the creation of a community-led bootcamp in Poland. In her free time, Emily enjoys doing yoga and reading books.
Ennio Poscia
Born and raised in Italy, Ennio currently lives in Ireland where he has spent 10+ years working in the Workforce Management area for financial and technology companies like HP, Airbnb and TikTok. In his free time, he loves travelling, watching movies and sports, and reading.
Eric Headshot
Eric Newport
Career Services
Eric is a software engineer with a love of teaching. He has more than a decade of professional experience working as a developer at various tech companies and trained to be a teacher in college. Career coaching at Microverse allows him to combine his passion for programming with his passion for pedagogy, to help new developers learn the skills needed to land jobs and be successful  in tech.
Felipe Saldarriaga
Born and raised in Colombia, Felipe has a marketing background. In the last five years he  traveled to 25+ countries while helping businesses get the most out of their marketing efforts. When not working, you'll find him playing chess, doing breathwork exercises, or wandering off in nature.
Gaby Headshot
Gaby Suarez
Gaby is a native Salvadoran, Spanglish-speaking, dog (and sushi) lover. Her background is in managerial consulting for large tech companies, but her professional passion lies in helping companies with strong social missions solve complex problems.
Greg Headshot
Gregory Barrett
Greg is a lover of travel and has lived in Asia, North America and his native Europe. His background is in technology and education and he is passionate about working remotely. Outside of work, you'll find him in a garden center buying more plants for the small jungle he is growing on his balcony.
Isra Headshot
Israel Gutiérrez
Curriculum & Learning
Developing software for a few years, Israel discovered his element: education. He’s been a researcher in Technology Enhanced Learning, curriculum developer, teacher coordinator and education innovator in bootcamps and initiatives to help people land jobs as software developers. After work, he spends time with his kids and his dog, Otto.
Jenn Headshot
Jennifer Best
Career Services
Jenn is a career coach passionate about helping people change their lives. Her early career includes roles in management, recruiting, and hiring — giving her an extensive understanding of the hiring process and how applicant tracking software (ATS) filters work. She currently resides in the Portland, Oregon metro but calls Baden-Württemberg her true home.
Jette Stubbs
Jette Stubbs
Career Services
Jette has spent 10 years working in career services, supporting people in over 40 industries all over the world on their career journeys. Outside of work, you can find her dancing, working on a creative project, or in nature.
Juanjo Headshot
Juanjo Mata
twitter icon
Juanjo has spent 25 years writing software and managing teams at Netscape/Mozilla, Oracle, and startups like Teambox and Agroviz. With a passion for open source tech and helping teams make global impact, he spends his time between the San Francisco and Spain trying to catch a live music show with his wife whenever he can.
Maceij Headshot
Maciej Nowak
Software Development
Maciej is all about solving technical challenges and delivering the best quality software products possible. He has been working in the IT industry since 2012. Personally, he's a healthy lifestyle addict with a passion for various kinds of sports.
Marco Lizza
Student success
Marco is an Australian living in the Canary Islands, Spain. He previously worked at a university in Melbourne where he focused on retention and student success initiatives. He has also dabbled in web project management and stonemasonry. Marco holds a masters in International Development and is passionate about equity of opportunity and education. In his free time, he can be found gardening and barbecuing.
Meesen Headshot
Meesen Brown
Meesen is originally from Canada and has spent her career living and working around the world. She previously founded a travel management platform for remote workers, and is passionate about helping shape the future of work. When she's not working, find her outdoors, reading, or finding ways to live more sustainably.
Nico Kneler
Mustapha Yakubu
career Services
Mustapha is passionate about helping people land their dream job. Over the years, he has created numerous career training programs to help job seekers achieve their career goals. You can always find him discussing tech, startups or Steve jobs. He enjoys traveling, playing ping-pong and eating pizza.
Nico Kneler
Nicolas Kneler
Born and raised in Argentina, Nico developed a music collaboration platform right after college and has been designing product strategies for startups ever since. When not working you'll find him walking about or looking for original furniture in flea markets.
Riley Headshot
Riley Spicer
Riley cares about creating community and improving the world we live in. They come to Microverse with an eclectic background that includes attending a coding school then working as a software engineer at AWS. When not working on Microverse, they can be found knitting, painting, or writing poetry somewhere around the world.
Sher Headshot
Sher Tapang
Sher is passionate about helping others, creating stronger communities and advocating to build a happier society for everyone. When she isn’t working, you’ll find her working out in the gym, watching thriller series on Netflix, or spending quality time with her husband and daughter.
Stefania Chiorboli
People Operations
Stefania loves traveling, people and dogs. She was raised in Italy and lived most of her adult life in The Netherlands, where she was exposed to global and cross-cultural teams. She's been fully location-independent since 2015, and discovered the incredible impact of remote work on the lives of many. When not working (or on an airplane) she's spending time with her teen kids, getting on her yoga mat, walking on the beach in Porto, binge watching TV shows, or catching up with friends around the world.
Tina Green
Tina is a Swedish national that spent most of her career in South Africa, where she focused on authentic leadership, customer experience, and coaching. A bit of a geek, Tina loves video games (and fantasy novels). She's also a connoisseur of coffee and passionate about solving problems.
Vero Rebagliatte
Vero is originally from Uruguay but recently relocated to beautiful Costa Rica. As a person of humble beginnings, she’s passionate about providing folks with access to opportunities to develop themselves and create the life they want to live. When she's not working, she enjoys spending time near the ocean, with human, and also four-legged, friends!
Willow Headshot
Willow Mata
Student Success
Willow believes deeply in education and global connections as the route to greater opportunity for all. Her background is in evaluation research, organizational learning, and international education. A native of California, Willow lives with her husband and three bilingual children near Madrid, Spain.

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