Expand your access to world-class talent

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Hire the best software developers for your team, without geographical constraints.

Employers of Microverse students around the world can testify to the competitive advantage of accessing world-class talent in lower-cost markets.

Microverse students speak great English and are trained in HTML & CSS, Ruby, Databases, React & Redux, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, algorithms and data structures. Not only that, but they've worked over 1,000+ hours in remote IT teams to deliver all types of projects.

Hiring solutions that meet you where you are

Diversify your tech talent pipeline and build high-performing teams.

Tap into a global network of developers from 100+ countries for your next hire: all self-starters with strong English proficiency and a proven track record for remote work.

Fill temporary gaps with a short-term hire.

Through the Microverse Launchpad program, you can bring a developer on for 1-3 months before deciding to hire full-time. Microverse handles all contract and international payment setup.

Transition to remote work with developers with distributed experience.

Microverse students train in a fully-remote collaborative learning environment. Our team (Microverse is a fully-distributed company!) is available to support you as you develop processes for remote work.

Microverse students are hired by companies of all sizes, globally

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With over 1000+ hours of coding experience, our students have mastered the skills you need:

Here's what some of our hiring partners have to say about Microverse alums...

“Working with a Microverse graduate for the past month has been great. He's been proactive, eager to learn the new skills he needed on the job, and he came on day one with the ability to communicate well in a remote environment. I'm already thinking about the next project I can bring a Microverse graduate in for!” - Torre
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“Max has been developing a front-end part related to key functionality and so far he’s been getting positive feedback from us and - more importantly - from our client. I think it was a good choice for Max to attend Microverse and we at rspective are satisfied with the acquired skills of his.” - Jim, rspective
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microverse?

Microverse is an online school, identifying talent from all over the world and training them to be developers for global and remote work. We are not an outsourcing or staffing company. We connect companies with our students for full-time employment and short-term contract work with no hiring fees.

How are Microverse students selected?

Our students have a variety of career backgrounds
–– from finance to law, education, and engineering
–– but all share these characteristics of being self-starters and life-long learners. They’ve shown us through our very rigorous application process why they should be a part of the 1% of applicants invited to join Microverse's full-time program.

What makes Microverse students prepared for remote work?

Microverse students are trained online through a collaborative learning approach based on pair programming. This approach allows our developers to learn remote workflows and acquire the skills necessary to join a global or remote company.

What have Microverse students learned in the program?

Microverse students have spent 1,000+ hours mastering their software engineering fundamentals through collaboration. They build 30+ projects while becoming proficient in Algorithms & Data Structures, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails. Throughout, they acquire fundamental habits to more easily learn new skills.

Where are Microverse students located?

Microverse students are in 100+ countries across the world. The diversity in the student population creates valuable opportunity to work collaboratively across cultures.

Is there a fee for hiring from Microverse?

There is no fee for hiring any of our developers. Our goal is to match students with great companies that can leverage their experience and skills.

For companies that are new to remote work or hiring international remote workers, can Microverse help in the transition?

Absolutely. As a globally-distributed company passionate about remote work as a means to closing the global talent gap, we look forward to supporting you in your transition.

How does Microverse’s Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) with the student affect an employer?

Companies that hire Microverse alums have no obligation or involvement in the ISA. You, as the employer, can choose to offer the payment of an employee’s ISA as a benefit.

Can I hire short-term contractors through Microverse?

Yes, Microverse's Launchpad program offers you a low-risk trial to bring on developers for 1-3 months. We handle the contract and international payments.

What is the expected salary for Microverse developers?

Expected salary levels will vary depending on a developer's experience and location. You benefit from accessing world-class talent in lower-cost markets.

What can I expect from working with Microverse to fill an open position?

You can find a hiring solution that meets your needs, either long-term or short-term. Let us know what you're looking for and our team will work with you to find the best option and match you with developers that meet your requirements.

How do I get started with the process for an international hire?

We'd love to connect you to a number of great resources and partners that can help you hire and onboard team members from other countries. Our team will be happy to help with this.

Learn more about how Microverse can meet your development needs.
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