"I'm working at Microsoft, I work for the Windows team.

With the Windows team, we're more than 10,000 engineers around the world. We make sure Windows ships without issues.

I think one thing that's really helped me in my career is to learn how to learn.

Right now, I know around 12 programming languages. I knew around four which I had written many systems in, so Microverse added three more in my belt.

Be open minded, focus on building your skills. If you can, pick up as many skills as you can. That increases your chances out here.

I remember when I got the job offer I was happy.

I got this call from a weird number. It was the HR lady from another country. She's like, "Okay, you've gotten this job. I'm going to read out your package." As she was reading, I was just jumping up and down with my brother.

And yes, it ended up being a really good decision."

- Kevin Mwangi, Kenya

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