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The Enrollment Pause

These articles explain the ongoing pause of applications and enrollments to the Full-Stack Web Development Program.

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When can I apply to the Full-Stack Web Development Program again?
Can I apply to Microverse’s Full-Stack Web Development Program during the program pause?
What will Microverse work on during the Program Pause?
Will there be changes to the application requirements and process?
How can I join the waitlist?
How can I stay informed about program updates and upcoming enrollment dates?
Microverse is pausing new enrollments to the Full-Stack Web Development Program
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Frequently Asked Questions

When will applications re-open?

Applications to Microverse will open again when the Full-Stack Web Development Program re-launches in 2024. Exact dates are not available at this time. Sign up to the waitlist and be one of the first ones to receive updates.

What will be different when the Program re-launches?

Microverse is looking to improve many parts of the Program, ensuring a great and innovative learning experience to make you a great fit for the future of tech. The exact changes will be determined after due research and prioritization is completed.

How do I join the waitlist?

To subscribe to Program updates and learn when applications re-open, you simply have to sign up here, or, log in if you previously applied to Microverse.