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We have launched an English school for software developers. Practice speaking and lose your fear.


Whether you wish to get a high-paying job or change careers, learning coding skills will benefit you in many ways. While there are many ways to improve your coding skills, learning via a school with a proven track record will help you save time and effort.

What is Microverse?

Microverse is an online coding school focused on making a global impact through education. Microverse assists students in learning new skills, improving existing ones, building an online presence, and applying to competitive jobs worldwide. 

Well, if you are wondering, 'is Microverse worth it?' then read students’ reviews and the below experiences they share from their first day at Microverse through to getting a life-changing job. These reviews will help you understand how Microverse has helped students achieve their goals and improve their career opportunities. 

From writing code to designing user interfaces, web developers require mastery of numerous technical skills. At Microverse, you learn through unique and highly effective peer-to-peer connections eliminating the need for teachers. Students from over 100 countries with diverse backgrounds have joined Microverse with the common goal of becoming skilled and competitive global software developers. 

Read on to see what alums and students have to say about this unique online school.

Microverse Reviews: Students First Day

What could be a better way to answer the question, ‘Is Microverse worth it?’ than reading about the first day of students at this coding school? See what students have to say about their first day at Microverse below.

How Exciting is Joining Microverse? 

Nothing is more exciting than knowing that all the hard work you put in will lead to results. People around the world are delighted to join Microverse as they see first-hand improvements in their skills and ability to grow in their careers as international web developers.

‍Gaining New Learnings at Microverse

Microverse's full-time program involves completing many learning milestones. These milestones help students improve their coding, analytical and problem-solving skills. 

‍Is Microverse Helpful for Changing Careers? 

Microverse helps students turn their passion for coding into exciting global job opportunities. People from all different educational backgrounds find Microverse an incredible experience to change careers.

Here’s how it helped Ana enter the world of technology

Pair-Programming at Microverse

It is amazing to see how excited students feel about learning new skills with the guidance of Microverse. Remote pair-programming is a unique way of learning with peers around the world.

Mentorship at Microverse

During the program, Microverse connects students from all over the world and allows them to learn from each other. Students learn and grow together through cross-cultural mentorship and communication. 

What Soft Skills Do You Learn at Microverse? 

Microverse students also see an incredible improvement in their soft skills, including critical-thinking, problem-solving, professionalism, and communication skills. These improve as students get an opportunity to work remotely and collaborate with peers worldwide. Microverse helps them gain confidence in their coding skills along with developing qualities such as teamwork and time-management skills.

What Do Students Say About Learning Coding at Microverse? 

How students feel after improving their coding skills helps you understand their Microverse experience better. It is amazing to see how they learn new skills every day and practice them by building projects of their own.

How Does it Feel to Complete the Microverse Program?

The fact that students from many backgrounds start from the basics and become successful developers within a year makes Microverse a perfect place to learn and grow. Students are excited and motivated after completing their goals at Microverse. By gaining confidence in their coding skills, they are ready for future endeavors in development.

Here’s what alums feel after achieving their goals at Microverse: 

Getting a Life-Changing Job: Is Microverse Worth it?

The Microverse team is always excited to see our students from over 100 countries land life-changing jobs. Professionals like Jaak Kivinukk have landed their dream job thanks to Microverse.

From Microverse to Microsoft: Success Stories of Students

A passionate software developer and alum, Kevin from Kenya was hired at Microsoft after completing Microverse. He praises the community and learning experiences at Microverse, which helped him network with people worldwide. Kevin is one of the many proud students of Microverse who landed a life-changing job. 

Microverse Review: Conclusion

Is Microverse worth it? The above learning experiences of students clearly show how effective and valuable Microverse’s full-time program is. This online coding school provides you guidance and accountability to complete what you’ve started and become a remote developer.

At Microverse, there’s no room for getting bored when learning some of the most in-demand job skills. Throughout the program your learning experience is engaging by collaborating, learning and interacting with peers around the world and improving your skills. 

If you agree with what our students shared, learn more about Microverse!

We have launched an English school for software developers. Practice speaking and lose your fear.

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