"I love Microverse just as a concept. I think the shared income agreement that we sign as Microverse students at the beginning is kind of revolutionary.

I really like the fact that it means that you don't have to pay anything upfront. You don't have to pay for tuition or anything until you get a job in tech. 

I just love stories of people being lifted out of poverty and I think that gives Microverse a social dimension that not a lot of other companies have. 

So before Microverse I was looking at a not very bright future. Five years from now probably at a job with not a lot of growth opportunities in my country (Mexico). Developers aren't really paid much here.

I went from not a lot of very good job prospects in my country, to maybe applying to Facebook or Google five years from now. Five years from now who knows where I might end up working, or what I could be doing. 

That really changed my outlook on life. I'm really grateful for that."

- Oscar Mier

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