I always liked mechatronics, math, and robotics and all of that because my dad is such a nerd. 

So, I grew up having that example. At first I said, okay, I want to do these mechatronics. Then I switched because I started to have these designing skills that I like as well.

So, I always have people around me that believe in me. That encouraged me to follow my career path. And so I decided to join Microverse. 

I would like to encourage more women. They have to be brave and start working in tech fields and start studying these kinds of stuff. They can do it. Like they can be as good as men. I do believe in this world where we can all be at the same level.

My advice will be for everyone that wants to become a developer. You will always have to deal with these imposter syndrome and these toxic thoughts in your head. So just don't get discouraged about that. Because you can do it. You have to believe in yourself and that's it.

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