"I started to learn programming as a hobby. I was still working in Romania or in the UK and I had different jobs.

I had the passion, I had the desire. I wanted to be a developer, but I didn't see how I could make the change, that career switch.

Then when covid started, I remember the first thing that I searched for was a developer course. And I found Microverse.

I met a lot of people and saw that I can learn anything. Because of the way Microverse is structured, it's like, you have to learn.

And it literally prepares you for being a developer. I think this is the most valuable thing I got.

Now, working at a ASSIST Software company, it still brings very close - what I was doing at Microverse is what I’m doing at my coding job.

At the end of the interview, I told them, I just want to ask because I'm not ready to move from my city. And they told me, no, this is a remote job. And I was like, wow, this is amazing.

You need to understand that Microverse could be a chance in a lifetime for you. In my case, if covid didn’t start, I will never be a developer. So, I took it like if I don't do it now, I will never be a developer."

- Cristian Ceamatu

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