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At Microverse, we are committed to being an inclusive school and community, and to helping people around the world succeed as global software developers. With students from more than 100 countries, we're really proud of the work our students do and the supportive community they’ve helped us build.

One of the things we’re focused on is helping more women and non-binary people pursue their dreams of becoming software developers as currently, women only represent 27.5% of software developers globally.

So, we asked some of the female software developers at Microverse to share their advice for others that are thinking about becoming a software developer, or just starting out on their coding journeys. They thought about how they felt when just starting out, or when making the decision to become a developer, and their responses were amazing. These students shared great advice, inspiration, and tips, as well as their favorite things about programming, all to help make others journeys into software development a little easier.

Here’s some of the advice the women of Microverse had to share.

Go All In

Most of our students share this sentiment that you must go all in and believe that you can in order to excel in software development. It requires a lot of time and patience to become a software developer, so you must fully commit.

Maria Reyes from Mexico said, “Everyone can learn to code. It might be easy for you or it might require a little more effort. In the end, you will get it. So don't give up and don't stop coding.”

Maria C Microverse Student
Maria C

Maria Cecilia Benitez Casaccia of Paraguay mentioned how it is a continuous learning process and that you should, ‘always push yourself to become a better developer’.

Another Maria, Maria Eugenia Quemé Peña of Guatemala advised, “Dedicate completely to it. Even if you only have a few hours during the week, really commit to using the time to learn - it will avoid lots of frustrations.” 

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Don’t Hold Yourself Back

Often times we are our biggest barriers, and many of our students know that. At Microverse, we frequently talk about Imposter Syndrome and how to overcome it. Many of our students have faced it head-on, and still face it daily, but continue to push through it.

Microverse student Rahma Abdi Halane from Kenya shared this simple but essential piece of advice, “If you are thinking about it then, YES, you can!”

“You are your own biggest obstacle or your biggest motivator. If you believe you can do it, then, no one can stop you.” - Kitzia Paola Vidal Marroquin, Mexico

We couldn’t agree more!

Kamwa E Microverse Student
Kamwa E

One of the best ways to stay out of your own way is to not focus on what others are doing, but rather focus on yourself. “Work very hard, believe in your dreams, and do not listen to others. Look at your objectives and have it in mind that you are capable of doing it,” suggests Kamwa Emmanuelle Alix of Cameroon.

Perseverance is Key

Perseverance is a critical part of any learning experience, and essential to becoming a successful software developer. With new programming languages popping up often, and technology constantly evolving, you must continue to persevere and stay focused.

Jane Witah
Jane W

“We can do anything we set our minds to. We just have to make the decision to start today and then continue one day at a time,” said Jane Witah of Cameroon.

Araceli Camarillo of Mexico shared some great advice as well;

Araceli C Microverse Student
Araceli C
“Mastery comes after you have gained the basic knowledge. Be patient with yourself while learning. Enjoy your learning journey and set realistic goals. Don't expect to be the next ‘super hacker’, that will frustrate you and your progress, so try something more attainable.” 

Another Microverse student from Africa shared her heartfelt advice, “You will encounter hurdles but don't look back. The engineering field is still male-dominated, but don't let that discourage you. It doesn't mean that women can't code. Remember there was a time when women weren't allowed to vote. There was a first female Formula 1 driver. If it's your passion, be patient with yourself - and others - and keep doing what you were meant to do.”

Mupa M'mbetsa Nzaphila from Kenya
Mupa M

Mupa M'mbetsa Nzaphila from Kenya’s advice is incredibly inspiring, “Have confidence, perseverance and believe in yourself. Sometimes, you might compare yourself to others and feel like you are not good enough. However, you should understand that it's ok to not to know everything. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Lastly, never stop learning. It doesn't matter how slow it takes you to be the best, as long as you keep at it, you will achieve your dreams.”

What They Love About Being a Developer

When asked about their favorite part of the software developer journey so far, the answers varied from their favorite languages, to the daily growth they’ve experienced and more.

“My favourite part is the challenge it poses to me. Every single day is a new opportunity to learn something and I believe nothing will stop me,” said Rahma
Kitzia V Microverse Student
Kitzia V

Kitzia said that conquering the challenges that coding represents, along with meeting new people that have other ways of thinking are her favorite things about being a developer, “Also, the popular belief in the [software developer] community that knowledge should be shared.”

Jane's response was clear and incredibly powerful, “The joy I get from learning new things every day, I feel like I am always growing.”

Their Favorite Languages and Frameworks

Kamwa shared that her favorite framework is bootstrap while Maria Reyes' are React and Rails. Araceli shared that her favorite language is Ruby while Maria Cecilia said that hers are JavaScript and CSS. Finally, Maria Peña noted how much she loves backend and fixing code or doing automations.

The Support of the Software Developer Community

Many were quick to comment about the amazing support they feel from their fellow developers and the greater programming community. Many also shared how much they love their standup team members.

Maria Reyes Software Developer
Maria Reyes
“I think the best thing about becoming a software developer is that I realized I am a smart woman surrounded by other smart women and men, and that together we can build things and support one another to be better,” - Maria Reyes

Mupa also said, “My favorite part is the fact that Software Developers have each others back - they are always ready to assist one another whenever you get stuck.” We couldn’t agree more as the software development community is incredibly supportive and encouraging.

Learning Without Borders

Rahma H Microverse Student
Rahma H

Software development has no borders and with such a global school and community, many of the women remarked how that has helped them grow.

“I love that with programming it is absolutely possible for anyone to become a software developer, regardless of your background, education level, previous career field, age etc. It has given me the opportunity to connect with people around the world and learn about different cultures,” said Rahma.

Maria P Microverse Student
Maria P

Maria Peña echoed that as well, by saying how she loves pair programming and,

“Everything you can learn from a person regardless of their background - I love the fact that this can be done remotely so there aren't borders to connect with people”.

Being able to learn with a global community of peers is one of the most amazing things about remote learning and something we're very proud to foster at Microverse.

Resources for Getting Started

Finally, to help others get started, the women shared some of their favorite resources and communities which included WomenWhoCode, FreeCodeCamp, The Microverse Student Articles, and RailsGirls.

The amazing students of Microverse inspire us every day, and we hope their advice and words of wisdom inspire you too. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a software developer or Microverse, get started below!

We have launched an English school for software developers. Practice speaking and lose your fear.

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