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The foundations of modern web development are HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Every software application, like the structure of a building, requires a framework, finishing, and aesthetics to stand. CSS defines the web's style, look, and feel, whereas HTML defines its structure and architecture. 

Non-interactive elements like text and photos can be added to HTML, as well as interactive elements like links, buttons, and videos. CSS, on the other hand, allows you to style a web page and use media queries to make websites more responsive.

This article will present 10 HTML and CSS code challenges for beginners. Both HTML and CSS are relatively easy to learn. However, as with everything, attaining mastery requires constant practice.

How can I learn HTML and CSS?

Before you can start solving coding challenges, you must learn how to build web pages using HTML and CSS.

What is a Coding Challenge?

A software developer's primary responsibility is to provide answers to challenges. To improve at this, you'll need to practice solving problems that are simulated in the form of coding tasks. In most tech companies, coding challenges are a standard element of the interview process.

Your ability to solve these challenges will help to build your coding skills and competence. As an aspiring software developer, this puts you in a position to secure your dream job. 

Although this can be a difficult concept to grasp, we will look at some HTML and CSS coding challenges that can get you started. Also, find out more about how to get better at solving coding challenges.

Coding Challenge
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Why do I need to practice coding challenges?

Even if you are not trying to get a job, solving coding challenges offers numerous benefits. Here are some reasons you should frequently engage in solving them:

1. Improve your problem-solving skills.

Taking part in coding challenges can help to improve your problem-solving skills. As a result, you'll be able to swiftly read, comprehend, and spot errors in a codebase.

2. Write better code.

It's not enough to just solve problems in programming. Your solutions need to be effective and efficient. Solving coding challenges teaches you how to write code that is simple, clean, and efficient.

3. Gain a better understanding of programming languages.

Coding challenges strengthen your understanding of programming languages, data structures, and syntax.

4. Speed

The speed with which you can solve a coding test will determine your ability to stand out in a job interview. During an interview, you will be required to produce error-free code in a set amount of time. Coding challenges help to improve your speed.

10 HTML and CSS Coding Challenges 

The following are 10 HTML and CSS coding challenges you can practice to help you level up. To begin, simply select a challenge, create a workspace, and start coding.

1. Build a form

Knowing how to combine interactive controls to make a form is incredibly useful in web development. Any web application would be incomplete without forms. Designing them requires strategic and critical reasoning.

Forms are generally used to collect data online. So, building them will test your skills in using different inputs. Some of the forms you can practice building include:

  1. Sign-up forms
  2. Survey forms
  3. Contact forms
  4. Etc.

2. Create a product landing page

A landing page is very important in showcasing products on the web. Creating a product landing page will improve your user experience design process. The page will need to be attractive, informative, and simple to read in order to appeal to its intended customers.

You'll practice adding a footer and header, creating columns, aligning content, dividing sections, and more. However, you will be careful with styling to ensure no components overlap.

3. Build a restaurant website

Images of various foods and beverages can be found on restaurant websites. They are comparable to product landing pages in that they feature the restaurant, as well as several menu items. When building this website, you will need to make it responsive using media queries. 

4. Create a parallax website

The parallax effect is a scrolling effect on a website intended to retain people’s attention on a webpage. It creates a dynamic web experience for your visitors and interestingly, It showcases content. As users scroll down a webpage, various layers of content or background images move at different speeds, creating an optical illusion.

This effect can be created by using a container element and adding a background image to this container. Then you should use the “background-attachment: fixed” CSS property to create the actual parallax effect.

5. Make a search results page solely with HTML and CSS

Create a Google search page lookalike. The page should contain navigation buttons to the next page at the bottom and ten search results with clickable links.

6. Create a tribute page

The Tribute Page Challenge is a very common challenge that helps you learn how to add images, links, lists, and paragraphs. 

To create this page, select an image of anyone you admire, a title or the name of the person, a caption for the image, and a timeline of the person’s life in the form of a list. Add some styling using CSS to improve the look of the project.

7. Technical documentation

You can develop a technical documentation web page with a little knowledge of JavaScript if you have a basic understanding of the language in addition to HTML and CSS. Divide the entire page into two parts using CSS. The left side will contain all the listed topics, while the right side will contain the descriptions. 

The concept is that when you click on one of the themes on the left, the content on the right should load. You can archive this material using clickable Javascript or CSS bookmarks.

8. Create a personal portfolio

Creating a portfolio project will allow you to showcase your competence with HTML and CSS. 

In the portfolio, include a page with your resume, projects you have built, and a photograph. In addition, add a top menu with links to an about page, contact page, GitHub page, and any other pages you'd like to include. 

Also include your contact information in the footer, as well as links to any relevant social media platforms.

9. Create a scientific calculator

The main benefit of this challenge is that it will help to improve your programming skills. I had to sneak it into this list because it requires you to use some JavaScript skills besides HTML and CSS.  

10. Create a music store page

If you are a music lover, this will be an exciting challenge to take on. Add different menus to the header section. Include buttons, links, photos, and a brief description of the music collection. Add shopping, store, career, and contact information links at the bottom. You can also add other features to the page, like subscriptions.


Great software engineers are developed as a result of consistent practice and focused learning. Learn more about how to become a great software engineer.

We have launched an English school for software developers. Practice speaking and lose your fear.

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