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We have launched an English school for software developers. Practice speaking and lose your fear.


Microverse is the only coding school in the world that’s crazy enough to forgo payment until you’re employed — regardless of what country you’re from. Today, Microverse introduces Coded by Her, a pilot stipend program aimed to support more women around the world learn to code and land life-changing remote jobs.

Microverse has come a long way since its official inception in February 2018. In just over a year, Microverse has enrolled full-time students from 50+ countries, received thousands of applications from 200 countries around the world, grown to a team from 7 countries, and helped our alumni from Africa to North America land life-changing remote jobs where they earn 2x-8x what they made before.

Yet, these stories have been dominated by male protagonists. Microverse is not alone in its gender imbalance. The lack of gender diversity in tech in the United States and other developed economies is well-known. Unfortunately, Microverse has learned first hand that when you work with emerging and developing countries, the reality of male dominance in tech jobs can be even worse.

That’s why today, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Microverse’s Coded by Her Initiative to support women from around the world launch life-changing careers in tech.

Coded by Her will begin as a limited pilot program and give women from every country in the world the chance to apply for supplemental funding to cover basic living, Internet, electricity, and childcare expenses while learning to code through Microverse’s full-time program.

You can read the full details about the Coded By Her pilot program on our website, but here are a few important ones:

  • The Coded by Her pilot will begin with stipends for 40 women and expand as more funds become available.
  • Stipends will range from $20 to $200 USD per month for 6 months, depending on an individual’s need.
  • Additional one-time support will be available to purchase or replace equipment, e.g. a microphone or webcam.
  • Applying for a Coded by Her Stipend is as simple as indicating a financial need during Microverse’s initial application.

We’ve thought hard about how to shape the Coded by Her Initiative to make the most impact on women worldwide, and we settled on its format largely due to the stories of the students already in our program. For example, we’ve had students from Nigeria to Mexico in circumstances where their lack of Internet, power, or equipment — a few hundred dollars or less — was the only thing stopping them from completing our program and landing a life-changing remote job.

Luckily, those students had the financial support to begin our full-time program and show us their dedication through months of hard work, so it became easy to offer small stipends on an ad-hoc basis. Now, through Coded by Her Stipends, we can provide women who wouldn’t otherwise have had the same opportunity a chance to start learning to code full-time and pursue a career in software development.

Today is just the beginning. Our goal is to grow Coded by Her to give any woman in the world the chance to learn to code, connect with life-changing global jobs, and not pay anything until they are employed — no matter what country they’re from or what their financial situation is.

It’s a goal that aligns with a vision to see the world as a place where software is Coded by Her as much as by him.

If you’d like to support this vision, please share this announcement on social media and with the organizations and individuals you know that are working to help women in tech globally. Click here to tweet this announcement now.

We have launched an English school for software developers. Practice speaking and lose your fear.

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