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We have launched an English school for software developers. Practice speaking and lose your fear.


Torre is a global matching network that makes the process of finding work and finding talent transparent and automated. Their platform facilitates candidates to connect with great job opportunities and talent seekers in hiring the best-qualified candidates.

They have opened the possibility for thousands of people in Latin America and the rest of the world to find their first international remote job by getting in touch with new opportunities that offer great compensation for their work. Renan Peixoto, Engineering Manager at Torre, shared that they have a special interest in promoting job opportunities for software developers since the market is growing exponentially, and there is a huge demand for these positions.

Torre and Microverse partner in democratizing opportunities

Microverse's mission is to help people realize their full potential and connect them with world-class professional opportunities, no matter where they live. As an online school for software developers, we know our mission is only completed when our students land a remote international job. 

Carrying out this partnership with Torre is very valuable for our community. It facilitates our students to apply to the great job opportunities they offer and thereby ensures that more Micronauts accomplish their dream of launching an international career. Until then, we fulfill our mission of building bridges between talent and global opportunities.

So far, several of our students have gone through the recruitment process at Torre. We are proud to know how they have stood out:

“They are very competent candidates, with great technical skills, who know how to portray their expertise and present themselves. They are great communicators and eager learners with a high level of creativity and self-awareness. These were the factors that made them stand out as candidates.”  Renan Peixoto, Engineering manager at Torre  

At Microverse we celebrate this partnership and invite more companies, like Torre, to join with us towards constructing a world where local conditions no longer determine people’s destiny. 

Learn more about how you may join Microverse's vibrant community.

We have launched an English school for software developers. Practice speaking and lose your fear.

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