"I'm Abhigyan, currently I'm working as a junior full-stack developer at CatPrint. I got this remote developer job after completing a course at Microverse.

It was really a nice experience with Microverse. One of the main things I learned was pair-programming which is very important in a remote job.

They teach you the professional standards, like how it's going to be in your real-life job. Apart from that, Microverse also teaches you soft skills, how to interact in interviews, how to behave in a remote environment.

You get to learn all this and this is something I couldn't have learned in Udemy courses, because I took those courses and it wasn't enough.

They'll teach you how to prepare for technical interviews as well as behavioral interviews. My career coach guided me really well. We had a stand-up team and we motivated each other, shared each other's experiences and learned from each other.

Microverse gives you structure and provides you a definitive path. If you follow that properly and give your best, you'll definitely end up getting a remote job."

- Abhigyan Mahanta

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