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We have launched an English school for software developers. Practice speaking and lose your fear.


We’re incredibly proud of our students and the hard work they put into learning through Microverse. From making sacrifices to be able to support themselves throughout the program, to spending thousands of hours learning, they’re committed to improving their lives. Our alumni have landed global job opportunities earning salaries up to 10x more than what they earned before — without paying Microverse anything until they’re employed.

This week, we’re delighted to highlight one of our alumni who since completing Microverse has landed not one, but two amazing remote software development jobs. Max Li is from Taiwan and is currently working at Open Credit Network. He shared with us his experience with Microverse and how his life has changed since.

Life Before Microverse

microverse alumni max
Max Li

After graduating with a degree in Aerospace Engineering in Taiwan, Max’s primary goal was to find an international job. However, he quickly realized he needed work and cross-cultural experience to be qualified for a global job, so he moved to Beijing to get it. He spent a year working as a full-stack javascript developer there before deciding to pursue his goal of finding a full-time international job. 

So, Max quit his local job in Beijing and moved back to Taiwan. He began to search for global opportunities but said he didn’t know how to prepare for or apply to international remote roles. That’s when he came across, and decided to join, Microverse. 

Max’s Experience at Microverse

While at Microverse, Max commented that he loved how much international experience he gained through pair programming with people from around the world. When asked about his Microverse experience, Max said, “Microverse was very well structured with a mixture of learning and practical tasks that were done both individually and in groups. Teamwork is a major focus at Microverse, we had daily stand-ups and team retrospectives. In the first few weeks, we also did fun exercises that really promote teamwork.”

The Most Impactful Part of Microverse for Max

When we asked Max about the most impactful parts of his Microverse experience he said,

“The amount of career and personal development support really surprised me. Microverse offers an extensive hiring support program that guides students through the hiring process, including interview strategies, portfolio development, and post-graduation check-ins. By the end of the program, I had truly become an autonomous engineer, ready to make an impact on innovative tech companies worldwide. Microverse helped me build my confidence and I now feel confident applying for tech jobs around the world.”

What Max is Doing Now

After completing Microverse, Max initially landed a job working as a remote Backend Software Engineer for rspective, a Node.js and React software house. At rspective, Max worked on Jodel, an anonymous messaging app with more than 5M mobile installations worldwide, targeted at universities and campuses. A few months into the job, Max visited the team’s offices in Poland and loved the experience of being able to work in person with the team for a little bit as well. After spending time learning and growing with the rspective team, Max moved on to the next step in his career.

Since May 2019, Max has worked as a lead backend engineer at The Open Credit Network, working on the design of their platform. The Open Credit Network platform helps people trade with each other, without the need for conventional money. When we asked Max about the position, he shared that he is responsible for communicating with project managers and deciding on the tools and software infrastructure they will use to build the project. Max has been growing and excelling in his role with TOCN.

Max's Advice for Microverse Students and Aspiring Web Developers

When asked for advice for Microverse students or people considering becoming developers, Max had just one thing to say;

“Overall Microverse was such a positive experience and one I’d recommend to anyone who wants to land their first job in tech, especially a global or remote role.”

To date, Microverse has enrolled full-time students from 110+ countries, received applications from more than 200 countries, grown to a team from 10+ countries, and helped our alumni from around the world land life-changing jobs in software development.

Microverse is an online school for remote software developers, where you don’t pay anything until you get hired. If you’re ready to change your life by becoming a global software developer with Microverse, get started below!

We have launched an English school for software developers. Practice speaking and lose your fear.

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