"I'm from Colombia, Medellin. I did school and I decided I wanted to study computer science, so I joined the university, I did two semesters and that's when I heard about Microverse  

My family supports me really, really well. They knew that it was a good opportunity. Just like, "Okay. Try that out. If it works, great, if not you can always go back to college." They were really supportive.

I think that what Microverse does really, really well is making sure you feel more confident about your coding skills. The fact that you're solving a hard challenge every morning, it helps to build that confidence.

I got a message through LinkedIn saying, "Hey. We saw your profile. Are you interested in joining? These are the terms. Just leave me your phone. I'll give you a call." I did that, did the whole process, I did a technical test and then I got the job."

- Juan Manuel Escobar

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