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With students from more than 110 countries and applicants from more than 200, we’re avidly pursuing our goal of being a global school that connects talent to worldwide opportunities. As of July 2020, employed Microverse alumni from more than 30 countries have accepted software developer job offers. These roles are with companies in over 20 countries, from Denmark to Singapore, to the United States, Poland, Colombia, and more.

As we continue to grow, we take great interest in the companies our alumni join and are proud to see the amazing talent from Microverse contributing to these companies and helping them accomplish their goals. We’ve featured some of our alumni and their new roles, like Kevin based in Kenya working for Microsoft, Miguel from Colombia working remotely for Austin Software from the US, and Abdellani from Algeria, working remotely for US-based HackerBay.

Alumni Supporting Companies Around the World

Microverse alumni are working at companies across a wide range of industries and roles. They're building product and service companies like Ogun in Spain and Zippia in the US, to support the construction and career development industries. They’re writing code at Digisure, in the US, to provide on-demand insurance for the gig economy, and are helping make booking appointments with medical specialists easy at Doctolib in France. Additionally, they're helping Torre, build a fast-rising professional network for remote and flexible work. Plus, they’re doing this all, for the most part, entirely remotely.

Alumni are also supporting clients and projects at development agencies such as Taqtile, in Brazil, Koombea in Colombia, Indonesia-based BukuKas, AgileThought in Mexico, ColorElephant based in Portugal, Rspective in Poland and Spain-based Webimpacto. They are also helping grow startups at places like Ghana Tech Lab in Ghana and Orderly in Denmark.

Further, some of our alumni work remotely for outsourcing companies like PartnerHero in the US while others are helping build the future of team operations at RemoteTeam. From these businesses to ones across Panama, Turkey, India, Bermuda, the United Arab Emirates, and more, Microverse trained developers are making a real impact on global businesses and markets. We also have alumni that are working on their own project, whether it’s starting a new company or building something for the joy of building.

Helping Businesses of All Sizes

Microverse Alumni contribute their skills to small, medium and large businesses alike, from Brand Guarde, who helps support Amazon sellers, to house-hold names such as Microsoft. We are always elated to see all their contributions, across countries, cities, frameworks and programming languages.

Through these alumni and companies, Microverse continues to work towards our mission of closing the global gap between talent and opportunity and connecting 1 million people to remote jobs by 2030.

Are you looking to bring on full-time or short-term Front-end, Back-end, or Full Stack developers? Microverse Alumni come ready to contribute to your company on Day 1 with their skills in JavaScript, React, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Databases & Algorithms, Redux, SQL, HTML & CSS, and of course, their experience in remote work. With more than 1000+ hours of remote work and English practice, our alumni are ready for any global company. Learn more about how Microverse can meet your hiring needs below!

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