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Want to learn to code online for no upfront cost? Microverse is an online school for remote software developers, where you don’t pay anything until you get hired.

What makes Microverse different from other online schools or bootcamps? Microverse helps you learn faster than you could on your own, and you don’t pay anything until you’ve landed a well-paying job. At Microverse, there are no teachers, you learn through unique and highly effective peer-to-peer connections that are like real-world remote workspaces. Microverse students come from more than 100 countries with diverse backgrounds but a common goal - to become global software developers. 

You might think this sounds too good to be true, or question if it’s actually worth it. With hundreds of  students currently enrolled in Microverse’s full-time program and alumni earning up to 10 times more than before, we know it’s definitely worth it. Don’t just take it from us, here’s what alumni and current students have to say about Microverse.

From students’ experiences on their very first day...

...to completing projects and tackling new languages, our students learn faster than ever and love it.

It’s inspiring to see how proud our students are of their decision to join Microverse and go after the career they want.

Not only that, but when you join Microverse, you become part of a team that we support and guide throughout your journey with us and beyond...

And one of the best parts of Microverse is how much fun our students have while learning world-class skills.

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We also love how quickly our students realize Microverse helps them improve their soft skills, as well as technical ones.

Skills that help our students - like Kevin from Nigeria - succeed at global companies like Microsoft.

You get to learn all these incredible skills through pair programming. It’s amazing to see just how much our students love learning this way...

...and the life-long friendships students have with others the Microverse community.

Not to mention the mentorship and support students and alumni give and receive within the Microverse community.

We couldn’t be more proud of all the Microverse students and alumni that land life-changing jobs.

Still not convinced about joining our amazing community? Check out this video of hundreds of our students breaking into song...

If you’re looking to become a software developer and learn in a global environment, Microverse’s full-time program is a remote course that molds full-stack software developers and helps you land a job. Get started below!

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